Meet Our Team

Arif Iftakher Mahmood, PhD

Co-founder & Chairman

The Think Tank

15+ Years in Business Development, Engineering Management, Supply chain and production management.

Insan Arafat Jamil

Founder & CEO

The Problem Solver

9+ Years in IoT & Embedded Systems, Robotics, Industrial Data Acquisition, Programming, and Product Design


Abdullah Al Mamun

founder & CTO

The Software Guy

9+ Years in Software Development, System Architecture & Project Management

Md. Momin Shahriar


The Math Guy

5+ Years in Lorem Ipsum


Ali Reza Galib

Chief Engineer

The Electronics Guy

9+ Years in Electronics, Embedded Systems, IoT, Product design and supply chain

Md. Shakil Ahmed


The Marketeer

9+ Years in Lorem Ipsum

Lincoln Islam


The Market Specialist

15+ Years in Business Development, Product Design, Textile manufacturing and International trades

Md. Ashiqur Rahman


The Hustler

Engineer by Training, Marketeer by Choice


Anik Islam Shajib

Technical Advisor

The DevOps Guy

9+ Years in Lorem Ipsum