Beacon-E01 [ IoT Environment Monitoring Device ]

Suitable for using in industrial environment control and
energy management projects. It provides real-time
data for temperature and relative humidity of a
location. It can also be customized to control
environment by connecting it with AC, Humidifier ,
Dehumidifier, Exhaust Fan and other control devices. .
Application areas:
Smart Agriculture ,Smart Poultry, Tobacco Factories,
Tea Processing Units, Food and Beverage Industry,
Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Industry, Data Center,
Cold Storage, Super shops, Warehouses & ETP Plants

  1. Temperature
  2. Relative Humidity
  3. Battery back-up
  4. Live data
  5. Notification for abnormal data

Size: 95mm*75mm

Voltage: 5v dc

Sensor: DHT20

Accuracy: +-3% for RH, +-0.5C for temp

Connectivity: Wi-Fi/GSM

Testing: TICI Certified

Digital IoT Hygrometer. Plastic body with 2 inch display. Wi-Fi and GSM based connectivity. External sensor attached to it with capability of measuring temperature and relative humidity. Usable in warehouses, silos, cold storages, fridges etc. Available in two different colors. Black and gray.