Beacon-M01 [ IoT Machine Monitoring Device ]

Used for measuring & monitoring machine speed, run-time, fault Detection, Efficiency measurement, vibration & other important machine data.  

Application areas:
Textile, RMG,Sweater, Power & Energy, Food
Processing, Packaging, Cement, Steel,
Construction, Pharmaceuticals, Tobacco,
Chemical, and other manufacturing and
processing industries

  • On/Off status monitoring
  • Run-time monitoring & time effeciency measurement
  • Speed measurement
  • Fault detection & alarm (Optional)
  • Magnatic / Optical Interfacing 
  • Simple app based device onboarding
  • Remote firmware update 

Size: 108mm*50mm*15mm

Voltage: 5-24 v dc

Sensor: Proximity / Optical

Range: 0-3000rpm

Connectivity: Wi-Fi

Beacon M01 is the most minimalistic IoT hardware interface for monitoring of machines. Can be used with industrial proximity and optical sensors. 

3 indicator LED for power, wi-fi connectivity, and sensor state.