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We are a Bangladeshi tech company, helping industries to improve their productivity with our ecosystem of next generation IoT technologies and cloud platform for one stop access to all important factory data from anywhere, anytime.   

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Series of streamlined Industrial IoT sensors, controllers and gateway devices to get real-time data from your machines, process and environment. 

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IoT Cloud platform for monitoring all your factory information in one place. 

The System Monitoring application is your IoT-NOC (Network Operation Center) which provides current and historical operational status for all IoT devices, connectivity, processes, and applications. It has configurable alarm levels to notify personnel of operational issues as well as testing and monitoring functions. Information is shown in pods that are customized for each specific operational case and evolve over time. Key features:

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Provisioning overview

The Administration application is the dashboard for managing users assigning user roles with specific privileges and access using secure password creation and also supporting direct, one step or two step authentications. It is also the application for provisioning new IoT devices and providing one stop end-to end provisioning of devices to all applications. Once provisioned, a new device will start delivering it’s IoT data to the existing applications. The application has easy to use UIs showing existing users, devices with simple click through menus for adding users and devices. Key features:



The Analytics application is the dashboard for deeper information about your IoT data gained from using advanced analytics, machine learning and AI tools. Tools used are Kinesis, Elasticsearch, S3 and Deep Learning AMIs. Information is shown in pods that are customized for each specific use case and evolve over time. Key features:


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